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JU-C Double IPA

Brewer Will formulated this super juicy, smooth DIPA with Apollo, Summit, and Mandarina Bavaria Hops then finished it with pure Bloode Orange juice. The results are the aroma and taste of fresh squeezed citrus fruit followed by an ample hop bitterness and smooth finish. Be careful as this drinks like a 5% beer but comes in at 7.9 abv. and 90 ibus. This won’t last long so get it while you can.


Welcome to the Madison Brewing Co. Brewers Blog.

We hope to use this space as a place to keep our loyal fans up to date as to the happenings in the Brew House.

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Early Summer Release…

January 29, 2015

Hello again! Well the Holidays got the best of us so sorry for the delay in updates but were back and looking forward to 2015! Well our BURNT! American Brown Ale was a huge success and we are pleased to announce it will be rebrewed soon. Brewer Will be will tweaking it just a bit and securing over 50#’s of Hemp Seed! This one may join our regular rotation so please let our bartenders and servers know how much you enjoy it. Also, we rebrewed a favorite from last Winter, Red Simcoe has been resurrected. This malty hoppy amber is brewed with 7 different malts and all Simcoe Hops. We toned the abv. down just a touch for this years edition coming in right around 5.5% this is more a session strength hoppy amber so enjoy several. Head Brewer Mike was busy last week brewing a Maple Bourbon Porter. This always popular choice is brewed with 5 malts and has a generous addition of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup. It should be on tap in about 3 weeks so be sure to plan your visit to Madison Brewing Co. today! Another new beer from the mind of Brewer Will, El Wheat O is an Wheat IPA brewed with El Dorado and Galaxy hops. A grain bill of Wheat, 2 Row, Crystal 60, and Rye this beer has a hearty body with a nice spiciness from the rye complimented by a firm but not overdone hop presence from the El Dorado and Galaxy. Also, Brewer Will is gearing up to brew his first Lager here at Madison Brewing Co. and he is super excited to do so. He will be brewing a Hoppy Lager with Pilsen Malt and Cascade and Citra hops. This one will take some time to complete so look for it around Mid-March. Super fresh HopBack IPA to make its way to the taps this week and Brewer Will is dubbing it HopBack IPA Dank Edition! He bumped up the Apollo hops at the end of the boil and ran the wort through the HopBack filled with whole cone Apollo hops! Lots of new beer scheduled for late winter and spring so check back often!


Hops for our Red Simcoe!

December 9, 2014

BURNT! American Brown Ale brewed with Hemp Seed is on Tap and delicious! Here are a few photos of the brew…

seed hemp seed hemp grain

November 19, 2014

WOW, what happened? Well, we have been making new and delicious beer. So, most importantly, what beers are on tap and coming down the pipe?

Specialties on Tap:

  • Vanilla Coconut Porter: Yes, thats not a typo! We took our delicious Porter and added copious amounts of Organic coconut and plump Vanilla Beans. The coconut was roasted to golden and added in all steps of the brewing process. Expect a flavor explosion of rich chocolate, silky smooth coconut, and pure vanilla. All these intense flavors meld together to create a wonderful taste sensation like no other. 7% abv.
  • HopBack IPA: Not technically a speciality but Will has made some changes and its better than ever. Apollo is now utilized late in the boil and in our Hop Back for a incredible dank taste and aroma. 7%abv. 75ibus
  • BURNT!: VERY excited about this one! American Brown Ale brewed with Hemp. seed. This rich and creamy Brown ale is smooth and refreshing with a hint of roast from chocolate malt. The creamyness comes from oats and a generous addition of hemp seed. Hopped with all Citra in the kettle for a crisp but subtle hop presence and dry hopped with Falconers Flight. Hemp seeds are very nutritious and considered a super food with no THC so no need to worry about drug tests!  6.2avb. 45ibus
  • Russian Imperial Stout: A fan favorite every year. This is a big and bold stout with a ton of chocolate and coffee overtones. Not overly sweet and no alcohol burn this one is almost too easy to drink. Like a warm sweater on a cold winter night this beer will warm the soul and tingle the tastebuds. 8.8avb. 50ibus

We have a ton of new beers coming this winter and into spring so check back often.


October, 2014

August 6, 2014

Oh yeah!!!!

July 28, 2014

July 9, 2014

It’s been a while since our last update but you know…it’s SUMMER! We took a little break to get recharged and boy did it pay off. Tons of new and fresh beer coming your way. First, lets talk HopBack IPA. We blew through our last batch so fast we are currently out till early next week. We decided to only thing about the HopBack that wasn’t where we want it was the aroma. We have Open Fermenters here at Madisons so all our great hoppy aromas literally blow out the top. So, we have tried a new approach to capture and hold in the delicious hoppy aroma…fingers crossed. Also, we brewed a fresh batch of our very popular Mosiac IPA which should hit the taps late next week. And if that isn’t enough Will took some time and re-imagined our Wassicks Wit recipe and we brewed the new recipe last weekend. Samples from the fermenter indicate its gonna be really good. Additionally, Will is brewing a new beer, Dunkelweizen, this week which is a unique beer and we are pleased to be able to offer some many diverse beer styles. Still on the brew list is a Saison and a Single Hop Galaxy which we will be utilizing the freshly harvested 2014 Galaxy hops! And last and certainly not least our Barrel Aged treat is maturing nicely. It is currently resting in our barrels and a recent sample confirms a velvety chocolate and slight coffee flavor to which we added a special treat…think maple, bourbon, and vanilla!

So much happening in the brewhouse!! First and foremost, a super FRESH batch of HopBack IPA was just put on tap! Brewer Will has been constantly tweaking the recipe to get it right where it needs to be and he is very happy with the latest changes. The new IPA in our, “Single Hop Series” will be featuring the Mosiac hop. Samples off the fermenter indicate that this one will be a huge hit. Think incredible tropical fruit juice explosion! It should make its way to the tap by mid-june. Brewer Will was also busy this week crafting a new beer destined for our Barrel Aging program. Will brewed a Robust Porter that will have a silky mouthfeel followed by rich chocolate and caramel sweetness. This should lend itself perfectly for an extended stay in out Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels. This one won’t be ready till fall so look for it around Week 3 of the NFL Regular Season. Madison Brewing Co. will also be attending the Brewgrass Festival at the Sugarbush Resort on June 14. It should be a great time and if your interested in attending your out of luck as its sold out. But look for us at numerous Beer Festivals throughout the summer such as the Joe Bruno Stadium Beer Festival and the Vermont Brewers Festival.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!!! Already….. This year is flying by! Lots happening in the brewhouse. This week we unveiled not 1 but 2 new beers! Our Hefewiezen is pouring wonderfully with all of its yeasty goodness. And our long awaited Barrel Aged Whiskey Porter finally made its way to the Tap line and WOW was it worth the wait. It is truly the best of all worlds with its layer after layer of flavor to include chocolate, whiskey, wood, vanilla, and many other taste sensations and its only around 6%abv. Most Barrel Aged beer is high in alcohol and difficult to drink more than a few ounces but not this one. This was a small batch so will not last long but fear not as Brewer Will is working hard to obtain more barrels and get the next batch rolling. Brewer Will is also crafting a new Single Hop IPA which will be brewed next week. He will be utilizing a very exciting newish hop, Mosiac. Will is excited for this one and it should be pouring around the second week of June. Also on the brewing schedule is a French Farmhouse Saison which is still top secret BUT for all you hop nerds out there Will is releasing one of the hops to be used in the Saison….Mandarina Bavaria…google it….think mandarine orange!

May 15, 2014 Hello Again! We are happy to announce our HefeWeizen will be on tap for this weekend. We are very pleased with this years recipe as it has a wonderful aroma of spicy clove and ripe banana. It is a pale straw color with some golden hues and a nice rich mouthfeel. Don’t be fooled tho, this is a lawnmower beer for sure weighing in at only 5.2%abv. Additionally, a fresh batch of our popular HopBack IPA will be brewed this weekend so you can expect some super fresh IPA soon. We will be prepping for our late spring Saison and hope to unveil that sometime in June but in the mean time we will have some VERY exciting news to share early next week so stay tuned for that…something about a porter…and whiskey….and well, you fill in the rest!

April 30, 2014 Exciting news!! Brewer Will was busy this week working on our new Spring Seasonal….We are pleased to announce our first Spring 2014 seasonal will be……..well, you’re going to have to watch the video below….enjoy!!


April, 23 2014 There is a lot of excitement at the brewery right now. We have two IPA’s currently on tap that are generating a lot of buzz along with a new Milk Stout and Barrel Aged Whiskey Porter!!! Citra IPA, brewed by BrewMaster Mike, is a wonderful IPA showcasing the delicious Citra hop. A simple grain bill combined with ample amounts of Citra creates a smooth body and a pleasant hop flavor and aroma. Get it while it’s fresh as the Citra hop is hard to come by and we may not be brewing this again for a while. Also on tap is the HopBack IPA which is a bolder, dry hopped IPA hopped with Apollo, Falconers Flight, and Simcoe. The idea behind HopBack was to create a hop saturated IPA capturing the unique oils and aromas in the various hops used as opposed to just bitterness. This one is a regular offering so enjoy!! Our new Milk stout has met with rave reviews from our patrons. A smooth, creamy, sweet stout with chocolate oatmeal cookie aroma. Poured from our newly installed Nitro tap…you NEED to try this! BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Brewmaster Will has been dabbling with some barrel aging with our Porter in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels. Early taste testing results were very encouraging and we hope to unveil it very soon….we will keep you posted! Upcoming Brews

  • HefeWeizen: A Traditional German wheat beer utilizing the famous Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast
  • Spring Saison: This one is still Top Secret so more info to come…..
  • Single Hop IPA: Mosiac: Brewed with only Base Malt and Mosiac hops…very excited about this one!


BrewMaster Will has been working on some cool videos promoting our new beers….take a look…..


Hey There! For the most up to date info on Brewing and the Beers on Tap please go to our Facebook Page at Thanks!